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Global Partnerships! Here we are supporting a small school in a remote rural area of Kenya at the base of Mt. Kenya and we have support from generous people from every corner of the world.


In 2016 Elk Grove Rotary Club, Nyeri Rotary Club, and Rotary International joined together to build “ Modern” toilets on the Iruri Primary School site. This project was completed in August of 2017. Further in 2018 Elk Grove Rotary Club and Nyeri Rotary Club successfully completed a Vision Screening of almost 200 Iruri Primary School students and teachers and supplied prescription glasses to those who needed them. Dr. Rob Bechtel, pediatric ophthalmologist from Altoona Ophthalmology Associates donated his services in November of 2018. We are so grateful for these generous Global Partners who joined with our non profit to help make positive changes in the health and welfare of this Iruri Community.


Serena Hotels

We have joined with Serena Lodges of Kenya and Tanzania in a reforestation project surrounding the school. One of our drivers, Big John, was instrumental in initiating this project as he made contact with the naturalist at Mountain Lodge where we stayed for 5 days while working at the school. On our last day at the school a van arrived filled with trees, between 100 and 200 as the students lined up to take them to an area adjacent to the school for planting. This will now be an annual event! Thank you Serena Lodges for joining with us to make our project such a success.


We have also teamed with Serena Lodges to co-sponsor our first annual Wildlife Day.  This is a safari  to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy for the top 3 students in each grade and top 3 teachers of the school.  After spending the morning on safari, the group was treated to a wonderful lunch in the lavish dining room of Sweetwaters Serena Camp.   


Discover Safaris

We have also partnered with Discover Kenya Safaris who provided our initial contact with Iruri Primary School through Triza, the office manager who knew Geoffrey, the Head Teacher at Iruri. They play a very important active role in our success of our project and donate as well to the cause. You can find out more about them at


Easy Botics

Easybotics generously supported us when we brought 50 Brushbot kits for a science project with Grade 7 on our May 2015 trip. We hope to team with them in the future to bring more STEM projects that reach half way around the world to promote science, engineering and goodwill.

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