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Jackson, Kelvin and Sylvester

Macharia Jackson Waigera

Goals: Wants to a architect.
Secondary School: Karima Boys High School

Sponsor: Justin and Ryan Binns

Jackson Is a great student and his sister, Marion, is also a scholarship student.  He was 10 of 203 student in fall exams in 2017 and wants improve even more.  His words: "There is always room for improvement.  He also talks of his school life that " ... despite many challenges which I face, I still understand that challenges are stepping stones to our success." 

Mundia Kelvin Kogi

Goals: To be a pilot
Secondary School: Karima Boys High School

Sponsors: Dave and Dee Dee Ackerman

Kelvin has two sisters, one younger and one older.

Ndoria Sylvester Mwaniki

Goals: wants to be a surgeon
Secondary School: Chinga Boys High School

Sponsor: Bev Hansen


Mwangi Lydia Nyawira

Goals: To become a lawyer, attend a university near Nairobi and also hopes to study abroad.
Secondary School: Bishop G. Ngandu Girls

Sponsor: John Cooper and Linda Perkins


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