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Martin Machuria

Martin then .........


In 2011 Catherine Survillas spoke to the Grade 8 students to let them know that we would be providing our first scholarship for the school year 2012, to help encourage them to prepare for the exam. Martin became our first recipient of that award.

Martin, the freshman, and Geoffrey


Martin now .....


Martin graduated from Dedan Kimathi High School in 2015, passed his entrance exams for engineering in the spring of 2016 and is currently progressing well as he pursues a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Kenyatta University for Agriculture and Technology.


Sponsors: Lew and Pat Gray

Martin the graduate


Jane Runyora

Jane then .....


Jane was already in Secondary School when sponsors were found to help her finish her education.  Her brother was battling cancer and the parents could no longer afford school fees.

Jane  2014 


Jane now ....

Jane graduated from Bishop G Ngandu Girls High School in 2015 and is currently attending Kiriri Women's College studying Human Resource Management.


Sponsors: Dee Dee Ackerman, Myrna Allen and Beverly Hansen

Jane, the university student

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