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We asked those who have traveled to the school with Cat to send us 2 of their favorite pictures. Select the pictures for a larger view.

From Anne Cavanagh:

On our last day of a wonderful two week safari in Africa in 2012 we visited the Iruri School. It truly was the highlight of the trip. I took this picture out of the window of our van right before we left the school. The boys were standing together to wave and say goodbye in the most charming way.

It still makes me smile to look at this picture and their smiling faces. We had a great morning with the school children. We had visited their classrooms, flown kites in the athletic field, met all of their teachers and principal, and watched a great music and dance program. It was all quite magical and inspiring, such dedicated teachers and students. They all know that an education is important to their future and they work very hard, with limited resources, to achieve great success.

From Bill Rathfon and Dana Reed:

When we were preparing for the dance program that the students put on for the visitors, kids in doorwaythis young student in the red sweater was walking over to take a seat on the grass with her fellow students, when she calmly broke rank and walked over to us. She extended her hand to one of our fellow travelers and said hello and welcomed her. She then quietly returned to her spot. It was very cute and touching. I hope one day she is going to high school on one of our scholarships. We need more people in this world extending the hand of friendship.

From Tracy Woodard:

I came to Kenya expecting to be amazed and transformed by the animals and landscapes of Kenya but a small side trip to Iruri Primary School touched me as much and perhaps even more. The teachers and children at the school greeted our group with open arms and hearts.

Dancers and DrummerTheir hugs and smiles are contagious and you cannot help but break into a big smile yourself. Iruri Primary School is making great strides in the lives of these children and it shows. I am certain they will continue to be a place of learning and hope for the children of Iruri.

From Donna Ochida:

From Donna Selnick: