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Catherine Survillas


Retired school teacher with 40 years in the classroom, 3 of those in Kenya, where she fell in love with its people, culture, and wildlife. Wanting to give back,  Iruri became my mission for students to believe that they can realize their dream for the future. And we have succeeded! 


Donna Selnick


Retired professor of human environmental sciences and attorney who has traveled extensively, and, thanks to Cathy, has become intrigued with Kenya.


Lew Gray

Board Member

Born in Japan while father was stationed there right after WWII. Spent 23 years in the United States Air Force and retired in 1992. Last worked as a teacher. Retired in 2011.

Ryan Binns

Board Member

Director of Environmental Planning & Compliance for Harris & Associates, an employee-owned planning, construction + design firm. Has lived on 4 continents and travel to 6, including both living and working in Kenya. Excited to help develop the young minds of the Iruri Primary School.


 Jenae Owen

Board Member

Project manager at the Personal Development company, Mind Movies, LLC. Has a passion for travel and fell in love with Kenya and the people while visiting the Iruri school with 4 fellow board members in May 2014.

Meghan Owen

Board Member

With 10+ years of experience in the e-commerce and digital marketing world, Meghan has a passion for building a brand's image and helping to tell the story behind it. The Iruri story is one she looks forward to help tell for years to come.

John Cooper

Board Member

Retired math teacher, curriculum editor and writer of 33 years. Fell in love with the Iruri vision after traveling to Africa with his wife, Linda, in 2014. Had the extreme joy of having Lydiah (pictured above) visit in 2019.

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