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Blessing Wambui_edited_edited.jpg

Blessing Wambui

Blessing aspires to become a doctor, providing medical aid to those residing in rural areas. 

Secondary School: Moi Forces Academy

Sponsor: Frank and Nancy Lucia

Daniel Wachira Ngareh.png

Daniel Wachira Ngareh

Daniel is a diligent and ambitious student who aspires to become a civil engineer.

Secondary School: Kagumo Boys School

Sponsor: Cindy and Meghan Owen

Dishon Ngunu_edited.jpg

Dishon Ngunu

Career Goal: Accountant

Secondary School: Nyeri High School

Sponsor: Tom Mischley

Helen Wanjiru Muchina_edited_edited.jpg

Helen Wanjiru Muchina

Career Goal: Mechanical Engineer

Secondary School: Tumutumu Girls School

Sponsor: Jeannie Stewart

Jane Kirigo_edited.jpg

Jane Kirigo

Jane dreams of establishing a Children’s Home aimed at providing support and care for children in need. Jane is driven by her passion for healing and her desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Career Goal: Surgeon Cardiologist

Secondary School: Ngandu Girls School

Sponsor: John Cooper and Linda Perkins

Jathan Kamweti_edited_edited.jpg

Jathan Kamweti

Career Goal: Surgeon

Secondary School: Kirimara High School

Sponsor: Catherine Survillas

John Maini _edited.jpg

John Maini

Career Goal: Electrical Engineer

Secondary School: Nyeri High School

Sponsor: Andy Dong and his son, Brian

Joy Wangui Muri_edited.jpg

Joy Wangui Muri

Career Goal: Neurosurgeon

Secondary School: Tumutumu School

Sponsor: Nasim Fazel and her daughter, Monah

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