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Catherine is a runner. Her event is the 100 meters, not the marathon that so many Kenyans excel in. She trains one hour a day and hopes to be an Olympic champ. She aspires to be a judge as she believes justice is important. She lives in a timber house with her mother who is a farmer and father who is a mason. She has a sister and two brothers. The family keep sheep and goats and she has many chores every day. She hopes she will earn a scholarship to "release of he burden of her education from her parents".

Secondary School: Mahiga Girls Secondary School

Sponsor: Pleasant Grove High School Interact Club, an affiliate of Elk Grove Rotary Club



Diana comes from a family of 5. She has two sisters. Her father is a carpenter. Diana's favorite subject is Science and she hopes to become a neurosurgeon some day. She also enjoys music! She has always been a very good student and performs well on exams. She studies a lot with a headlamp! She hopes to own a car some day. Her favorite game is hockey and her favorite hobby is reading, especially novels. She has been a top performer scholastically at the school, joining the annual Wildlife Day safaris that last two years as one of the top 3 students of her class.

Secondary School: Tumutumu Girls' High School

Sponsor: Frank and Nancy Lucia



Secondary School: Birithia Girls Secondary School

Sponsor: Jim and Loretta Allsup

Karen's letters to her sponsors mainly express her gratitude for their support.



Marion is a lovely girl, a bit shy but her face lights up when she smiles! She enjoys competing in games, like running and soccer and likes horseback riding as a hobby. Her favorite subject in school is learning languages. Her mother tongue is Kikuyu and now she also enjoys studying English and Kiswahili. The past two years she has worked very hard to earn a scholarship like her older brother Jackson whom our non profit supports and will begin his third year in Secondary School. Marion hopes to be an accountant some day. She also says her talent is music.

Secondary School: Gataragwa Girls School

Sponsor: Barbara Davis-Lyman



Moses comes from a family of four, 2 children and parents and Moses is the youngest. His father works outside the village as a butcher. His favorite class is English and Science. He hopes to become a pilot someday and work for Kenya Airways. He also enjoys soccer and running. Moses was class president at the school in 2016.

Secondary School: Kirimara High School

Sponsor: Bill Rathfon and Dana Reed




Secondary School: Gataragwa Girls School

Sponsor: Mary Spillane

Ruth's parents are farmers and could not afford to put her through secondary.  She has an older brother who her parents were already supporting in secondary school.



Salome comes from a family of 8, six children, 2 girls and 4 boy and her parents. Her goal is to become a Chancellor of a University, hopefully Kenyatta. University. She likes sports, especially handball and loves to sing. She also enjoys languages and learning English and Kiswahili along with her mother tongue Kikuyu. Her favorite subject is Social Studies. She likes people and especially helping people. Her wish for the future is to have a good life. She hopes to earn a scholarship (which she did) as it will help her parents.

Secondary School: Gataragwa Girls School

Sponsor: Nasim Fazel and her daughter, Monah



Victor always does his homework early so he can revise it later. Both of his parents attended secondary school and run a farm. He wants to become a pilot and travel the world. If he earns a scholarship he will be proud to help his parents since the school fees will be covered. He helps his younger brother and sister with their studies and wants to be a role model to them.

Secondary School: Karima Boys School

Sponsor: Andy Dong and his son, Brian

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