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Ian Mbuthia

Ian writes: “In our family we are a nuclear family. I have two siblings and my parents who are loving and caring.” His father is an electrician and his mother is a business woman. He likes tennis and football and admires Serena Williams. He says, “When I finish secondary school and university I would like to be a civil engineer”. Of his winning the scholarship: “I feel as if I am more than a politician who has won a seat.”

Sponsor: Randy and Barbara Feist


Emma Wanjiru

Emma has always been a high achiever, going on all 3 annual Wildlife Days (top three of each class go on the trip each year). She writes that she has “worked zeal and zest to get a scholarship”. She has no siblings so she is the only one to help her parent with house chores.   She likes playing handball and has her own kitchen garden. She promises to “.... work very hard and smart to get to where I always wanted to be in life.” She wants to study civil engineering in university.

Sponsor: 9 Pleasant Grove High School Staff and 1 Sheldon HS staff


Edward Gichuri

Edward’s mother is farmer with one acre of land and his stepfather is a driver. His father died in 2012 in a traffic accident. Edward writes “my sister is going to do her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education next year despite all the hardships she has passed through.” If she proceeds to university, Edward’s scholarship to secondary school will enable the family to pay for her university costs. He has big plans. He writes, “In the future I want to hold the career of a doctor; surgeon, physiotherapist, orthopedist and oncologist.”

Sponsor: Doug and Valerie Welch


Alex Kamau

Alex comes from a family of 4.  His mother teaches mathematics and science in grade 3 at another school.  His father is a truck driver.  His younger brother, Shadrack, is in grade 3.  "I would like to be a neurosurgeon.  I like studying science and mathematics a lot."  He has a pet dog named Kafi.  Both Alex and his brother like football.

Sponsor: Diane Woodruff


Rose Wanjiru

Rose’s dream is to attend the University of Kenyatta in Nairobi and pursue a course in accounting. She writes: “Most of my free times I like playing football and visiting my grandma and also making new friends. My favorite color is pink. My best pet is a cat whose name is Kitty.” At home, she likes peeling potatoes, but ... “Touching water to wash utensils is what I don’t like”. She is the oldest child in the family. Her sister Janet is in grade 4 and her brother Lewis has not started school yet.

Sponsor: Lew and Pat Gray


Wilson Mwangi

Wilson like to play soccer and likes to listen to music. “Hip-hop is my best”. He also likes reading story books. He says: “We are five in our family. My dad, mum, big sister, me and my small sister. ….. When I get a scholarship I will work hard and get good grades to enable me to got to university. There I will work hard and then train to be an aeronautical engineer.”

Sponsor: Robert and Julie Hargrave


Charity Njoki

Charity comes from a family of 5.  Her mother is a farmer and her father "earns a living through veting." Charity says: "When I grow up and graduate I would like to be a lawyer and also a model.  I like modelling very much.  It is a passion in my life."

Sponsor: Donna Ouchida and her 5 grandchildren


Gideon Warutere

Gideon writes: “My best game I like is soccer. I like it because it is the easiest to play. My best food is is githeri. This is because it is a traditional food of our community. My best subject is mathematics because it a very simple subject.” English is Gideon’s third language and he is still learning it. In a few years he might express the fact that he excels in soccer and math a little differently! He also says: “I want to study well in high school so that I then go to university. I would like to become a lawyer.”

Sponsor: Elk Grove Rotary Members (Tom Brink, Bob Lent, Roy Joerger and Becky Davis)


Faith Wangu

Faith writes: “... there is a saying that goes like this: What can make a poor child from a poor family eat one day with kings is education.” She is the last born of six children. She likes eating chicken and chapati and her favorite game is soccer. She also says, “I have discovered that hard work never goes unrewarded. I will rather work hard than fail.” She would like to be a surgeon.

Sponsor: Parsons and friends (Zinkham, Kaslan, Anderson, Rein, Glassman, Vail, Falcinella)


Jackson Nguru

Jackson has an older brother and sister. His brother works in Nairobi and his sister is in secondary school. His father works at Kilimambogo Science and Technology and his mother at Muranga sub-hospital. He writes: “I am good at sport and games. In our school, I am captain of football.” His favorite color is purple because “.... presidents and kings clothes are made up of this color.” He would like to be a civil engineer.

Sponsor: Severn-Brown family


Douglas Kanja

Douglas says that his favorite hobby is drawing "because in the future I want to be an architect." He is good at soccer, which is his favorite sport.  He comes from a family of 4. His mother works at a driving school as an instructor and his father is a plumber. His favorite color is yellow because "it is the brightest color."

Sponsor: Kyle MacDonald and sons Dash and Ryder


Rose Mumbi

Rose has a sister and three brothers. She says that “everyday they remind me to work hard.” She would like to be an accountant. Rose is “always happy to be a Kenyan citizen.” She was very happy that she won a scholarship so that her parents could continue to pay for her brother’s secondary education. When she learned that she was going to be sponsored she was “... very happy like a king.” She likes soccer and volleyball and watching American movies.

Sponsor: Pamela Schaecher and Catherine Survillas


Duncan Mwangi

Duncan writes: “I am engineer Duncan Mwangi … and I am as happy as a new lamb for the sponsor …” His parent are small scale farmers and “it would have been so hard to get enough money to take me to the Secondary School I wanted.” He comes from a family of 5. His brother is in college and his sister is in form 4 (a senior) in secondary school, and his parents “work day and night to provide school fees” for them. As his intro indicated, he would like to attend Nairobi University and become an electrical engineer.

Sponsor: Michael and Shelly Renaud


Michael T. Karangi

Michael stated in 8/2018:  "I always work with an aim to become an electrical engineer.  My parents have always encouraged me to work smart..... to help me become a successful person in my future life. My parents are so thankful for the support I am receiving. Thank you Kyle for your sponsorship."

Sponsor: Kyle Terry


 Eunice Mumbi

Eunice comes from a family of 5. She has two older sisters who are in university. Her parents are farmers, so she says: “I will be very excited if I will be sponsored so that my parents can be able to pay for my sisters who are in university”. She would like to be a cardiologist. She says, “When I join Secondary I will work hard and get good grades that will not disappoint someone.”

School: St. Bakhita Kiburia Girls Secondary

Sponsor: Marsha Glover and her grandchildren


Eunice Wambui

Eunice has an older brother who just finished secondary school and two younger sisters. Her mother is a farmer and her father a casual worker. She writes: “I hope I get it (sponsorship) because if am called in a good secondary school I don’t know if my folks are going to cater all this need.” She also wrote: “I promise if I get the scholarship I will study hard and make sure that I don’t annoy any of my sponsors.” She would like to be a pediatrician.

School: Birithia Girls Secondary

Sponsor: Richard and Laura Lavalee

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