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When members of the board of Iruri Primary School - Sharing a Vision visited the school in June of 2015, we shared a STEM project with the 7th graders. We were showing them a video on an iPad of a sea turtle to explain part of the project. The students were all mesmerized by the video. We realized that for most of them, this was a lot of new things: first time viewing a video, first time seeing a video on an computer, first time seeing a sea turtle swimming in the ocean.

That got us to thinking: many of us have older iPads at home we don’t use. We could load them up with educational videos and take them to the school.

Since that time, we have donated 4 iPads to the school loaded with STEM topic videos and books. The school was thrilled to get them, but there was something we didn’t anticipate: It’s not enough devices to go around for practical viewing. Geoffrey, the head teacher, reported the problem: “The kids are crowding the iPads.” His suggestion: a projector they could use with the iPads to show the video to a whole room full of students.

We should have seen that coming and we decided we needed to fix the problem. We are planning to deliver a projector and the necessary cables on our next visit to the school in Kenya. Would you like to help us make an impact on the lives of these young, eager students in Africa? Join us in bringing the kinds of educational video content to their school that we take for granted in our homes and schools. Visit our donation page at if you would like to help. Thank you.

The amount needed for the projector and supporting power, video and audio cables is $525. Our progress so far is $9.10. Also, if you have a used iPad you would like to donate, please contact us.

Project projector

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Note: Paypal's transaction fee is 2.2% + $0.30. If you would like to avoid this fee or prefer paying by check, send donations to and note that it is for the projector:

Iruri Primary School
P O Box 2294
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Please direct any questions to

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