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For the very first time Iruri Primary School is awarding scholarships for University!

A committee of Board Members have reviewed and accepted the following students for scholarships for the upcoming 2022 semester.

Catherine Wairimu Kinyua: Embu University Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Social Science

Rose Wamaitha Mahinda: YMMA University Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Victor Munene: Chuka University Applied Computer Science

Kelvin Kogi Mundia: Laikipia University Bachelor Of Education (Arts)

Salome Maina Wanjiku: Karatina University Hotel and Hospitality Management

Wilson Mwangi: Mount Kenya University Bachelor Of Education

Ian Mbuthia Rubua: Embu University Education (Science)

Edward Gichuru Muriuki: Maseno University Bachelor Of Education French with IT

Robinson Gatoto: Jomo Kenyatta University Agriculture and Technology

The scholarship award per student will be 20,000 KES per semester 40,000 KES total annually and reviewed each year.

We have two more students who are being considered who need to submit their most recent performance grades with passing marks and no incomplete before the beginning of this school year.

Applications closed August 1, 2022. Students who apply must have completed our Secondary Scholarship Program and earned a mean score of C+ or better to qualify for University. Those who do not receive a scholarship may reapply for the 2023 academic year.


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