The Teachers

Meet the wonderful teachers at the school.  Without their dedication to education and the children, the school and this program could not function and move forward.
Geoffrey and Gilbert

Geoffrey Kerigu 
Head Teacher, Social Studies (left)

Gilbert Karundi
Kiswalhili, CRE, English (right)
Annah, Felistus, Rose and Agnes

Annah Mwangi
Deputy Head Teacher, English, Math, Science (left to right)

Felistus Kibui
all subjects

Rose Maina
Math, CRE, English

Agnes Irumu
all subjects

Moses, Gilbert, Serah and Felistus

Moses Kanyai
Kiswahili, CRE (left to right)


Serah Waweru
English, CRE

Annah and Milka
 Jimmy Nguru  Science, Social Studies Annah (left)
Milka Kabubu  Math, Social Studies (middle)
Lynne Srebnik   Supporter (right)

Janeffer Muriuki 
Pre-school or ECD  (Early Childhood Development)

Esther Manjiru
Preschool or ECD
Missing: Judy Muriuki   all subjects Grade 1