Class of 2023

Meet the Class of 2023: Caroline, Esther, Everline, Gladys, Joy, Lenson, Miriam, Morin, Peter, Rose, Sharon and Yvonne.

Caroline Wangu 2022
Caroline Wangu
Sponsor: Farshad Vakili
School: Moi Equator Girls Secondary

Caroline is supported by Farshad Vakili who met her first hand on the Feast Safari 2018. She comes from a single parent home and has one brother and two sisters. Her Mom is a farmer. Caroline aspires to be a doctor. She hopes to help her Mom, the community, the aged and the orphans after she completes her education. She hopes to be “loyal and faithful to anyone who is older or younger than me”. She also states that “I am a clean and tidy girl who is also hard working and polite”. Her best subjects are math and science.
Esther Kagure 2022
Esther Kagure
Sponsor: Molly Jones-Tanaguichi
School: Moi Forces Girls Academy

Esther earned the top score of 383 on her exit exams for Grade 8. Her dream is to become a neurosurgeon. Her family numbers 5, parents and two brothers. Her parents are farmers working hard to support their family. Esther attends Moi Forces Girls Academy. She reports that her first year was successful. She likes the teachers and finds the weather pleasant! Esther works hard in her studies to achieve her goals.
Everline Wakiuru 2022
Everline Wakiuru
Sponsors: Jon and Charlene Colton
School: Othayo Girls Secondary

Everline attends Othayo Girls secondary and hopes to become an architect. She comes from a family of six. Her mom passed away when she was in Grade 3. At home now it is just her father and Everline. She hopes to help support her family after she completes her studies. Everline states...”I will pull them out of the mud houses in our village.” Her brothers finished Grade 8 but did not qualify to go on to Secondary School. Everline hopes to repay the kindness of her sponsors by helping other students.

Gladys Wanjiru 2022
Gladys Wanjiru
Sponsors: David and Lindie Newlin
School: Mahiga Girls Secondary School

Gladys is a hard worker coming from a family of three. Tragedy struck when Gladys was in Grade 5 and her father was involved in a fatal accident. Her mom, a farmer works hard to support her brother, Jackson and Gladys. She cultivates potatoes and maize. Gladys attends Mahiga Girls Secondary School where she works hard to fulfill her dream of becoming a neurosurgeon. In her free time she enjoys singing and drawing. She is sponsored by David and Lindie Newlin who she has formed a close relationship.
Joy Wanjuki 2022
Joy Wanjuki
Sponsors: Cindy Owen and Catherine Survillas
 School: Mahiga Girl’s Secondary School

Joy has set high standards for herself and hopes to become a surgeon. In her words, “I come from a family who are caring and loving.... and who like people who work hard but not being lazy....” “My family does not have a stability of cash so I have worked hard to be sponsored.” Joy’s brother is five years younger and in Class 1. Joy continues to be reflective each term about her grades and continues to work to improve her standing.
Lenson Kimani 2022
Lenson Kimani
Sponsors: Felipe and Katie Martin
School: Dean Kimathi Secondary School

Lenson comes from a family of five. Sadly they are now four since he lost his small sister to pneumonia. His father is a guard and his mother a housewife. Both parents also work as farmers. They live in a three room house. Lenson would like to be a judge to find justice for people and also mentor young people. Lenson is attending Dean Kimathi Secondary School and would like to attend Oxford University to earn a PHD. He says, “We are not rich and so sometimes go through hardships.”
Miriam Thuguri 2022
Mariam Thuguri
Sponsors: Felipe and Katie Martin
School: Moi Equator Girls Secondary

Miriam comes from a family of 8, three brothers and two sisters along with her parents. Her father is a carpenter and her Mom a “cultivator”. Miriam hopes to become a flying doctor and visit America. She is attending Moi Equator Girls Secondary.
Morin Wanjiru 2022
Morin Wanjiru
Sponsor: Helen Russ
School: South Tetu School

Morin is one of seven children. She has three sisters and three brothers. Her parents are farmers. She is attending South Tetu School and hopes to become a surgeon. She promises that “I will work hard and pass my exams with flying colors so I can reach my goals.” “When I go to Secondary I will be disciplined because discipline is the key to success.”
Peter Mwangi 2022
Peter Mwangi
Sponsor: Marlene Fitzwater
School: Giakanja Boys High School.

Peter comes from a “ friendly” family of six. He enjoys reading and drawing too. His father gave him a portion of land at the back of the house where he grows vegetables for consumption. He hopes to become a surgeon. His father is a mason and his mother is a hotel manager. Both of his grandparents are farmers and farm coffee in a plantation.
Rose Wangara 2022
Rose Wangara
Sponsor: Barbi Brown
School: Tumutumu Girls Secondary School

Rose comes from a single parent family and has one brother Anthony who is 11 years old. Rose hopes to study law so she “can become a prominent lawyer and distribute justice to all.” Her mother works as a cook in a nearby private academy school. Her mother encourages her to work very hard and aim higher. Rose and her sponsor have already formed a nice relationship with letters going back and forth learning about one another.
Sharon Gathoni 2022
Sharon Gathoni
Sponsors: Felipe and Katie Martin
School: Othayo Girls Secondary

Sharon comes from a single family home. Her Mom is a farmer and she has two younger siblings, a sister in Grade 4 and brother in Grade three. She hopes to become an advocate. She is very grateful for this opportunity to be sponsored to help ease the struggles of her Mom to pay for the school fees. She hopes to help her family and raise up the standards of the people of her society.
Yvonne Nyaguthii 2022
Yvonne Nyaguthii
Sponsors: Felipe and Katie Martin
School: Hiriga Girls Secondary School

Yvonne comes from a family of six. She has three brothers and they all work hard in their studies. Yvonne states that her parents teach all of them moral values and good behavior. Her father is a driver and her mother sells clothing. Sometimes they work on the farm. Yvonne’s best subjects are Chemistry, Biology and Physics. She would like to be a doctor or a pilot.