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New Glasses Delivered

posted Dec 21, 2019, 11:09 AM by Bill Rathfon
During her visit in September of 2019, Catherine Survillas delivered 13 high-quality sets of prescription glasses to the school.  She said:

Thank you to all who participated in our very successful Vision Project.......Robert Bechtel, our ophthalmologist, Elk Grove Rotary, Nyeri Rotary and Iruri Primary School non profit organization for their participation. I brought 13 pair this visit to hand out. Teacher Rose is so excitied and said she now can see all the way across the campus!

student 1
A student tries on her new glasses with Catherine looking on.

Teacher Rose and her new glasses
Teacher Rose is so excited and said she now can see all the way across the campus!

Student 2 with new glasses
More students are so excited to be able to see well.....

Teacher Magdalene and her new glasses
Teacher Magdalene was ecstatic with her new glasses.

Cat, John and Students
Just in time for the big exams Grade 3 must take this week ordered by the Government Department of Education.... begins today thru Friday. We also have glasses for some of our sponsored students, thank you John Nyaga for notifying the parents of these students.