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100 Trees Planted Today - April 12

posted Apr 15, 2015, 5:41 PM by Bill Rathfon   [ updated Apr 15, 2015, 6:13 PM ]
Lots of activities planned for today including planting of saplings

KIds with Saplings

100 saplings were planted today! The boys are digging the holes in the background and the girls will do the planting. Then everyone will fill up jerricans at the new water tank and water! Conservation and cooperation at work.
Prepping the Soil

 Preparing the soil for the girls.
Planting the Sapling

She is determined that this sapling take root!
The Whole Crew

The preparing and the planting of 100 saplings.
Meet Corrie

Meet Corrie who came to visit and get involved in our project. She and I met when our flight was delayed and we missed our Nairobi connection, rerouted to Istanbul and spent 12 hours in the airport. Lucky for us! The students love her!!!!
Corrie and Student Planter

Corrie and student plant a sapling.

Surrounded while they braid her hair and just have girl talk!
Corrie and Aylne

Corrie has a special bond with Alyne and hopes she will earn a scholarship so she can sponsor her after Grade 8.